Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Boating adventures in Miami!

Family friends

Boating in Miami was great. We putted around the waterways with some family friends and I got some shots of some shmancy houses.

Schmancy houses along the water.
Yeah, that's all one house.

We had lunch, and I snapped a photo of a sweet pelican that landed on the dock as we arrived. I pulled out my camera and snapped a shot, mostly just so I could discreetly turn the other way and snap a photo of the interesting occurance going on 1/4 turn to the left.
The pelican that served as cover

A man. A man doing construction work hammering sheet metal to create a new seawall on the condo complex. A man not wearing protective gear. A man wearing a butt-floss-and-banana-hammock thong to work. Construction work. A man with a sunburned bum. I got the fully fully full view when he bent over to get more tools.

Safety first!

I risked supreme embarassment to get the shot. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Welcome to Miami

So, I sat next to a male model on the plane. That was pretty hilarious.He was very nice and not too boring, if a little young (23) and we talked for hours. He helped me with my crossword.

It was funny to see all the women hitting on him (accidentally bumping into his butt when he stood up, pretending to have difficulty getting something out of the overhead compartment and then looking pointedly at him even while other men jumped out of their seats to help). But the male flight attendants were super juiced, too. At one point he stood up to go to the bathroom and one came by and said "Well aren't you lucky!" to me, pointing at his seat. Me, like the dingdong that I am, said "Oh, no, it's not an empty seat," (it was a really full flight) "he just got up" and he goes "I *know*, but he's beautiful" and I cracked up. We laughed about it when he got back, apparently it happens all the time. He explained that he used to be really uncomfortable around gay men, not having dealt with it much in Brazil, where he's from. He said he had to get used to it really quickly in the fashion industry, and now it doesn't phase him.

Mister Male Model and Me